Smilebox Photo Booth - What is it?Our Photo Booth is unique project – we have connected technology with traditional, high quality photography, technological ideas with artistic soul.

This is portable studio in a modern housing. Smilebox  takes automatic sequential photos. All photos are instantly displayed and easily printed from a large interactive touchscreen. Photo Booth is completely mobile and our crew will make sure it runs perfectly the whole time. Smilebox itself will look perfect at your event!

With Smilebox all you need is smile and good mood. You stand in front of our box, smile, touch the  screen and in 30 seconds you got PRINTED PICTURES.

There is no professional photographer so you are free how do you want to look like. You see your face in the screen and you can choose your appearance.

You rent Smilebox Photo Booth for agreed period of time and you make pictures without limit .

Smilebox Photo Booth is proposition for people who love traditional, printed photos and good design. It is also unique souvenir – to remind good times. It gives a lot of fun as our crew is prepared to offer crazy handmade accessories, background and pictures configuration.

Smilebox doesn’t need a lot of space – it can be even used at home party.

History of the Photo Booth

How do you think selfie is so much popular?

Anatol Josepho and his terier in "Photomaton" , 1928-30.

1925 - Siberian immigrant Anatol Josepho invented a small, curtained booth that took a strip of four pictures without a photographer.  He later invented what would be coined as "Photomaton" which is an automatic photography machine that could produce a strip of 8 photos in 8 minutes.

Many famous artists had experience with photo booths. The first artists who used photo booths were surrealists : André Breton, Max Ernst, Salvador Dali, Jacques Prevert, Raymond Queneau, Yves Tanguy, Robert Desnos, Rene Magritte.

It’s worth to remember that Andy Warhol took pictures in photo booth so famous in the 60s. He invited his friends to photo booth located on Brodway 47. Some of those pictures were used to create his works.

Even Superman can rock a photo booth between dodging kryptonite and apprehending threats to planet earth!

Red boots & blue tights?  Go on with your bad self.


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